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About Us

Het Fietshuys is a bicycle enthusiast's dream. Here you will quickly feel at home.

Het Fietshuys is the result of a strong joint effort between entrepreneurs Philip Wallage en Silvan Overtoom. Both have extensive knowledge and experience in bicycle retail. The attractive, spacious stores offer a large, diverse collection and radiate the peace and quiet needed for our customers to delve into the collection of Het Fietshuys. A place where you quickly feel at home is an important part of the concept that is Het Fietshuys.

Philip and Silvan opened the first store early 2018 in Amstelveen. In Spring of 2021 Abcoude followed and in early Spring of 2023 the store in Weesp is set to open it’s doors. The stores present a wide variety of gentlemen, ladies’ and children’s bikes, all from quality brands. The range consists of non electric city bikes, cargo bikes, electric bikes and sporty bikes.

Our Team

The team of Het Fietshuys
consists of driven professionals

Philip and Silvan are surrounded by a close-knit team. Our team is made up of different personalities and characters, each unique in his strength and positive traits. What binds us is the passion for bicycles, having trust and belief in one another and allowing the other person to be who he wants to be. These are all core values to Philip and Silvan, and just as important as the necessary technical knowledge needed to work in a bicycle store like Het Fietshuys.

We work with permanent staff and freelancers who have a proven track record in the bike industry. Philip and Silvan are also keen to invest in the new upcoming generation of bicycle technicians and offer students of the ROC, the opportunity for an internship or a work-study job. In case of the latter you get to work 4 days and tend school for one day. Personal development is just as important for the whole team, which is why a lot of effort and attention is poured in guidance and training in general. Sem and Olivier set a nice example: Both of them started out in the workshop of Amstelveen and now, little more than a year later, are in charge of their own store.



Workshop Manager



Manager Abcoude



Bicycle technician



Assistant manager Weesp



Bicycle technician



Bicycle technician



Bicycle expert shop



Bicycle technician



Bicycle expert shop



Bicycle technician


Philip Wallage

Bicycle expert shop


Silvan Overtoom

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Bicycle technician



Bicycle expert shop

Are you going to be our next new collegue?

How we do it

Personal attention, Hospitality, Expert advice, Skillful repairs




We aim to create a store where you will quickly feel at home. A good cup of coffee is part of that equation. Relax, feel at home in our store and have a peak at our collection.




When it comes down to the ideal bike everybody has their own needs, preferences and personal taste. We are listening and taking the time needed to help you and give you the best advice.

Trying out


Trying out

Here, at Het Fietshuys it is only natural that you get to try out a bike first during a test ride. In Amstelveen you are seven days a week welcome in our store. Our stores in Abcoude and Weesp (Weesp grand opening early 2023) are opened five days a week. An appointment is not necessary for checking and trying out a new bike.




We focus on you. Any adjustments needed to the seat? Do you prefer a different finish or other parts mounted, other than the stock bicycle? Or need a complementary accessory?
We are happy to help you transform your new bike into your perfect bike.

Why choose us?

Did your bike suffer a breakdown? We will get you on the road again in no time!

There is no good timing for a necessary repair. This especially true if for whatever reason, you cannot bring your bike to our workshop yourself. With our Service Van we can pick up your bike for a scheduled repair or a maintenance job. And if you so desire, we can also deliver your bike after it has been repaired or serviced. In this manner we also tend to help our customers get on the road again outside the store. Our Pick Up and Delivery Service is available from Monday through Thursday. This is no road assistance service. We need a scheduled appointment for repair or a maintenance job in order for the Service van to be dispatched.